The Moon is an average of 384,400km away from Earth, which is about 30 Earths away, equivalent to a distance of approximately 9,110 full marathons (42.195km). It's like a person who insists on running a full marathon every day for 25 years...

I have a bold idea!
What if it is not done by one person, but "10KM in the city"?

team MoonRunner

Different roles, achieve the same goal!

Moon Sponsor

Donate to support. Fundraising for the mission. Not participate in running mileage sharing.

How to make donation

Moon Runner

- 只需按照如何成為MoonRunner指示作簡單網上登記便可開始分享里數

- 可獲得「跑步去月球證書」(電子版);

- 所有「登月跑者」只需捐款/籌款達HK$100 及 分享里數達10公里便會自動晉升為「登月跑者慈善家」;

Moon Runner & DOnor

- 所有「登月跑者」只需捐款/籌款達HK$100 及 分享里數達10公里便會自動晉升為「登月跑者慈善家」;

- 累積里數額外獲得多重獎賞

Join Team 'MoonRunner' and Be One of Us

Contribute your running/walking miles! Let’s log enough miles to get the Moon!
You can also raise funds for the campaign at the same time, either making an one-off donation or raising funds from people around you. Fundraising for a good cause as well as to motivate yourself to run an extra miles.

Individual Participant

A) Moon Runner

  • Follow the simple steps to register as MoonRunner
  • A 'MoonRunner certificate' (e-version) will be awarded when finishing the moon-running journey
  • Donate HK$100 or above and share 10Km, you will be honored as MoonRunner&Donor.

B) Moon Runner & Donor

  • Donate HK$100 or above and share 10Km, you will be honored as MoonRunner&Donor.
  • Become a Moon Runner & Donor, enjoy exclusive offers:
    i) HK$100 exclusive discount for your registration on next HONG KONG STREETATHON, and
    ii) ‘MoonPass’ - an entry pass to join surprise challenges, events to complete for more features and benefits, and
    iii) Moon runner medals - there are 5 different types of medals to be awarded to Moon Runner & Donor according to their final accumulated running distance when the campaign ends.

    Other than medals, there are additional souvenirs for different distance as well:
    - Total distance of 10-99km: participant will receive a 'MoonRunner Medal'
    - Total distance of 100-299km: participant will receive a 'Bronze MoonRunner Medal'
    - Total distance of 300-499km: participant will receive a Silver MoonRunner Medal and a limited edition towel
    - Total distance of 500-999km: participant will receive a Gold MoonRunner Medal and a 'Run To The Moon' tote bag
    - Total distance of 1000km or above: participant will receive Star MoonRunner Medal of Honor and a 'I'm Moon Runner' Tee.


iv) 除繼續分享更多里數外,「登月跑者慈善家」亦可繼續捐款或籌款,只要捐款或籌款金額達到一定金額後,將獲得活動紀念品,詳見下表「捐款紀念品兌換表」。

捐款紀念品兌換表(「登月贊助人」及「Moon Runner & DOnor」適用)

Join team moonrunner

Run to the moon with us now

Organization / Group

We encourage all organizations, running clubs and groups to join “Run to the Moon” mission. Encourage your members to join and contribute their running distances so that your group may appear on the “Group Achievement Leader-board”!

Registration & Submission of running distance for group:

A) Each member to register, record running activity and submit on their own

  1. Recruit your members to join this campaign
  2. Remind your members to choose “Others” and put your organization’s /group’s name on the online registration form when asked “How do you know this event?”
  3. If your group wishes to participate in the Group’s ranking and leaderboard, please send us an email at with your organization’s name, contact person and contact information. We will get back to you.

B) Group submission for group running activities
(Total distance submitted = running distance of the activity x number of group members participated)

  1. Introduce the campaign and invite participants to agree to contribute their running distance during the recruitment period of your group activities.
  2. Assign a representative to record the running distance of the activity with a GPS device or the Strava App.
  3. Fill out the Group record submission form and submit the form to us.
  4. We will provide a link for you to upload the running record proof.
  5. In this case, group activity participants do not need to register online individually.


“Run to the Moon” is a good opportunity for corporates to encourage sports and promote wellness to their employees. We encourage corporates to donate HK$10 for every kilometer of running distance contributed by their employees to show the support to their running effort, and to support the underprivileged community at the same time. It is a good CSR program!

Corporate participation can be tailor-made according to each corporate. Please contact us at or 3590 6980.