Besides contributing through distance, you can also donate or sponsor!

RunOurCity Foundation Limited is a locally registered non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations and fundraising activities to enable us to provide more effective services to disadvantaged youths. Over the years, we have provided free training to over 13,000 young people, more than half of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We promote a harmonious, friendly and inclusive society.

Your support will be transformed into a youth's strength! Through running and sports, helping youths to develop a positive outlook on life, thereby strengthening their abilities to face up to adversity.

No youth should be denied equal opportunities, on the ground of family background, race or language, in gaining access to any services.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, young people are experiencing a severe lack of exercise, which has had a huge impact on their physical and mental health. We hope to offer more running classes to retrain their physical fitness, and help them regain their exercise habits, bringing positive impact to their lives.

Any corporate donation or gift sponsorship is welcome, please contact us at 3590 6980 or email

RunOurCity's Charity Projects

The SEN Student Street Running Training program is a study of how running can help adolescents with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) learn to self-regulate, improve their executive, academic, social and emotional management skills, alleviate their symptoms, and perhaps even reduce their dependence on medication. More importantly, it helps them build self-confidence and realize their potential.

BEE Family Coach is a family-oriented program that equips a family member to become a family coach, providing them with the knowledge, application skills and practice opportunities needed to help their family members to enhance their health knowledge and establish good living habits, including: exercise, diet, rest and communication. The program is targeted at families with special needs and low income, with the goal of providing services to 500 families.