The distance between the Earth and the Moon is roughly 384,400km
That's equivalent to about 9,110 marathons (42.195km)
Or a person running a marathon a day for 25 years...
I have a better idea!
What if instead of one person, the city participates?

team MoonRunner

Different roles, achieve the same goal!

Moonrunner VIP

Divided into 3 age groups:
.Youths: 8 to 17
.Adults: 18 to 55
.Seniors: 56 to 65

All participants may receive:
.One event-limited lightweight, breathable, quick-dry sports T-shirt (One choice from two styles)
.Participants can pick
"Rose Gold Group" (10km+),
"Platinum Group" (100km+),
"Black Gold Group" (1,000km+),
and can receive the according medal on completion
."Run To The Moon Certificate" (electronic version)
.Free 1,000km running insurance or hiking insurance from YAS Microinsurance

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By having a Strava account and joining the event, you can become a Moonrunner to contribute towards the goal for free. Accumulate distance from July 20 to October 2.

Please refer below for sign-up procedure.

Moon Sponsor

Donate to support "Run To The Moon", Run Our City Foundation SEN Street Running Training or other charity events, while not contributing to the distance total.

By donating HKD500 or above, you may receive "Run To The Moon" special edition running T-shirt in either "DON'T THINK. JUST RUN."

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1. Register for a free Strava account

2. In the Groups tab, go to Explore Clubs, search for "Run to the Moon 2022" and join
3. From July 20 to October 2, use Strava or Strava-connected sports watch to record your running/walking/hiking, and choose the "share with all" option. If you are using a sports watch, please regularly sync records with your Strava account.
「RYUN 跑步保」係全港首創、專為以熱愛跑山跑路而設嘅跑步微保險。能為跑步旅途所發生的意外、財物損毀提供保障。保障涵蓋全港所有路徑,透過GPS實時保障,等你可以更安心自在地紀錄跑步表現,愈跑愈進步。

RYUN 跑步保 4 大保障包括

(1a) 意外醫療保障 : HK$5000
(1b) 延伸保障 - 個人財物意外損毀保障: HK$2000
(2a) 延伸日間跑步保障-中暑醫療保障: HK$2000
(2b) 延伸夜間跑步保障-個人財物失竊保障 : HK$2000

「HYKE 行山保」係全港首創、專為以熱愛大自然嘅行山友而設嘅行山微保險。能為行山旅途所發生的意外、財物損毀提供保障。保障涵蓋全港所有山野及行山路徑(除咗16 個黑點^),透過GPS實時保障,等你可以更安心自在征服山野。如在行山旅途中不幸受傷、甚至因意外身故或導致永久傷殘,保障額為最高 HK$ 300,000。

HYKE 行山保 3 大保障包括:

(1a) 意外醫療保障: HK$ 5,000
(1b) 意外醫療延伸保障:財物損毀保障: HK$ 2,000
(2) 意外身故及永久傷殘保障 HK$ 300,000


If you have had any of the following illnesses or conditions, or are at high risk of sudden death, please consult a doctor for professional judgment and consider your own safety carefully. This activity unit is not responsible for any direct or indirect compensation or criminal liability.

  1. Unexplained dizziness, chest discomfort (dullness, chest pain), difficulty breathing
  2. Sudden loss of consciousness
  3. High blood pressure (>140/90mmHg)
  4. Heart disease
  5. Abnormal kidney function
  6. Diabetes
  7. Family history of heart disease (close relative had a heart attack or sudden death before age 60)
  8. Epilepsy
  9. Others