Your Support is Crucial

Public and corporate can not only act to support with miles
You can also donate to support this mission!

RunOurCity Foundation is a Hong Kong registered charitable organisation. The generous donation of individuals, groups and corporate partners and fundraising events, have enabled us to sustain and enhance our services to underprivileged youth.

It is a chance in a lifetime that your kindness will be doubled. From now until 31 October 2020, each dollar donated to RunOurCity Foundation will be doubled by The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (CYSFF) through #bridgethegaphk, adding extra value to every dollar to support our youth service.

We promote a harmonious, friendly and inclusive society.

Your support will be transformed into a youth's strength! Through running and sports, helping youths to develop a positive outlook on life, thereby strengthening their abilities to face up to adversity.

No youth should be denied equal opportunities, on the ground of family background, race or language, in gaining access to any services.

Young people face unprecedented pressures and fears amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Running and sports not only help them to improve body but also reduce stress. During this extraordinary period, the Foundation actively promotes online coaching wellness programs to our youth.

RunOurCity Foundation will continue its best effort on running and sports training and education of underprivileged youth in order to make positive life-change, promote a healthy, harmonious and inclusive society.

*The public donations raised by the RunOurCity Foundation during 1st June to 31st October will be supported by the "Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (CYSFF)" pledged to donate the same amount, capped at HK$500,000.

About #BridgeTheGapHK

香港橋良是由陳一心家族慈善基金(CYSFF)發起的一項倡議。在充滿挑戰的2019年,很多活動計劃和籌款活動都受到影響被迫取消,到2020年新冠肺炎的爆發,進一步削弱我們的社會。許多非政府組織及其受益者受到影響。陳一心家族慈善基金呼籲香港的蕊慈善機構加入配捐計劃,為陷入困境的香港非政府組織提供急需的資金,盼能幫助他們渡過難關。在此計劃下,慈善機構在2020年6月1日至2020年10月31日期間收到的公眾捐款,陳一心家族慈善基金將配對捐贈支持“Bridge The Gap”,每家受助機構最多可獲得500,000港元。更多關於陳一心家族慈善基金: